Defund the Police Black Hoodie

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Please allow 4-5 weeks for your order to arrive as these are preorders, made just for you.
(Both models pictured are wearing a small.)
  • 13.5 oz., 100% cotton
  • Super heavy high quality knitting
  • Double stitched shoulder-to-shoulder
  • Double stitched arm hole
  • Heavy ribbing
  • Pouch pocket
  • Slightly oversized streetwear fit
  • 90's streetwear feel


One of One Design Made With Love and Intention.
   This is a tribute to the victims of police brutality, made for those who may feel helpless in seeking justice from a wicked system. I hope to spread a tiny peace of unity amongst the people, and take the opportunity to possibly opening some minds up to what Defunding the Police really means. Don’t forget about this battle, please continue to fight to end police brutality. This is your Call-to-Action. 111.
   The idea of Defunding the Police starts with quite literally, giving “POWER TO THE PEOPLE”. The U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) FY 2022 Budget totals $35.3 billion in discretionary budget authority. Yes, you read that number correctly. All this money, yet some U.S. Police train for only a few weeks before they are sent out to protect the streets. What if some of these billions of dollars were funneled back into the community? Education, Affordable Housing, Job Training, Mental Health Services, Substance Abuse Treatment, and Veteran Support are only some of the the alternative resources we can choose to fund over Policing. By providing easier access to these resources within our society we would increase the quality of life for many people, while possibly significantly decreasing the crime rate. One thing I have personally learned looking at the media is the “Power of the People”. We must create the change we seek… we can return the discomfort we were made to feel… what bends must break… we must realize our true power TOGETHER…  we cannot stand back, we cannot stand by.